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    De Betere Wereld magazine februari 2018

    De Betere Wereld Magazine Februari 2018

    19 March 2018
    Onze nieuwe krant is uit lees hem hier debeterewereld nl de betere wereld krant ...
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    Van Leeuwenhoeklezing: Fouten zijn de beste leermeester - Bouwinnovatie aan de TU Delft

    Van Leeuwenhoeklezing: Fouten Zijn De Beste Leermeester - Bouwinnovatie Aan De Tu Delft

    23 July 2019
    Dr ing marcel bilow is docent aan de faculteit bouwkunde en iedereen kent hem ook als dr bucky lab net zoiets als bob de bouwer en bekend omdat hij altijd ...
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    Cyberpunk Documentary PART 1 | Neuromancer, Blade Runner, RoboCop, Akira, Shadowrun

    Cyberpunk Documentary Part 1 | Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Robocop, Akira, Shadowrun

    02 December 2019
    Let s take a journey back to the 1980 s and beyond to discover the origins of the cyberpunk movement in literature cinema television video games ics a...
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Top Comments On 10 X Inspiratie Voor Boven De Bank Van Plank Tot Urban

    Indigo Gaming: Thanks so much for watching! This has taken several months to put together, and I'm so happy to share my work with you all! Consider supporting me on Patreon ► | and check out Shalashaskka's channel ►

    The Dark Side: No mention of New Worlds magazine during the 60's and 70's or the incredibly influential works of James Ballard! Fritz Lang's Metropolis must also be hugely influential.

    Tyler Fu: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon deserves a mention. A very cyberpunk game, better than the base game actually.

    Politically Correct Redskin: Wowsers, trousers, what a video!

    Dan Ger: I know it predates the genre and there's only so much you can fit in if you ever want to get a video finished, but it still seems a shame to me that Alfred Bester's 'the stars my destination' didn't get a mention.

    I've read before about the influence the book had on Neuromancer, (with Gibson apparently calling it his favourite sci-fi novel), and it contains several of the themes common to later works in the genre such as corporate hegemony, the reduction of people to a commodity that occurs in capitalism, the unequal distribution of life-altering technologies and treatments, the growing economic disparities between rich and poor, and the resulting socioeconomic fallout thereof.
    Also it has cyborgs.

    Brandon T.: Is it just my imagination or did the 1980s have the best cyberpunk films???

    Parpaquetde Six: Watch the interview with Bruce Bethke.

    patrick kanne: Wow.. Moebius, 2000AD.. you're being real thorough here, much appreciated!!

    Goth Claudia: God Snatcher still absolutely fucks

    weldonwin: Wake the EFF up Samurai, we have history to learn...

    Ghettokidmike07: After playing cyberpunk 2077 seeing this is real preem work! Thanks choom I LOVE this content for days of work & a long drive on the road

    aardvarkdisco: I'd highly recommend visiting the Museum of Moving pictures in New York City. You can see the models they used for creating the skyline of Bladerunner.

    Bandit 6: 0:15
    That feeling when, the description of a dystopian futuristic fictional setting....almost perfectly describes your present reality in 2021...

    Eve in the Machine: I was taking a creative writing class when I first read Phillip K. Dick. I instantly fell in love with his books. He is easily one of the best sci-fi authors of all time.

    The one and only Charlie Chill: Your description of the game match the present condition of the USA at perfection.

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