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    Bentham - Boku Kara Kimi E | Ost Anime Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun

    04 June 2018
    Video pertama aaaaaa semoga suka instagram nisafortuna req nisafortuna10 enjoy it thanks ...
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    Bentham - Boku Kara Kimi E Lirik Dan Terjemahan Aoyama-kun Japan

    31 October 2018
    If you like and subscribe to this channel so i can work again arigatto minna san original song m watch v yo4cjv8w3gi follow instagram mashirochan ...
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    Bentham - 僕から君へ Boku Kara Kimi E Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Ost Lyrics

    10 September 2020
    Credit to koga records official mv youtu be yo4cjv8w3gi...
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    僕から君へ - Galileo Galilei //boku Kara Kimi E W/lyrics

    06 January 2017
    Hi so galileo galilei is my favorite band ever and this is probably my favorite song so i really wanted to do this all rights reserved by galileo galilei i ow...
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    Aoyama Gets Dirty While Scoring..

    30 November 2017
    Episode 1 of keppeki danshi aoyama kun song played boku kara kimi e bentham...
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    Bentham / 僕から君へ【mv】

    04 July 2016
    Director babel label 3rd ep omg 8 ...
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    Bentham - Boku Kara Kimi E 僕から君へ ║sub. Español║ │ Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

    21 January 2021
    encuentra y apoya m s de sus canciones en los siguientes enlaces find and support more of his songs in the following website bentham web instagram ...
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    Rinn| Boku Kara Kimi E - Bentham

    13 August 2017
    May you subscribe to your channel i love you thanks for watching...
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    Galileo Galilei - Boku Kara Kimi E / From Me To You Last Live 僕から君へ

    15 September 2020
    Koto no ketsumatsu angai saki nobashi ni natte bokura no kakushin mo fukurande wa shibonde shimaukara dare datte jibun ga arui teru jikkan ga hoshikute furimui...
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    Victory Sound​ Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun

    03 July 2017
    Aoyama kun is a clean freak but he has real talent in football hes 16 years old and goes to fujimi highschool ...
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    ItsKnZJazz: try on 1.25x B)

    Yes- Makes sense: Put it on 0.5 speed u will have a wonderful time :))) XD

    luck and logic: Goose bumps everywhere

    Ben Playz: The song and the camera movement in slow mo is the reason why this scene is super cool

    Hani Abbas: Anyone here 2050

    Your Senpai: Again one of the best anime scenes ever

    Josie D. Fuentes: I could watch it every year

    WTF: Quiero los zapatos de aoyama-kun

    Red Craft24: Best Song Eva :V

    EL MISMÍSIMO CTM: Song : Bentham / 僕から君へ

    Elizabeth Gutierrez: and yes i love this show

    Elizabeth Gutierrez: he has. talent on soccer ⚽ and basketball 🏀 but i don't think he has a talent on football 🏈 well je never missis so yeah but in your discription down below shows a football not
    soccer ⚽ or football 🏈

    JX 707: I could watch this all day gosh

    NeverGiveUp43ver: Sry only 360p :(

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