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    I Say Am Ok But I Can't Fake It..

    27 November 2019
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    Don't Say You Love Me - Fifth Harmony Lyrics

    18 May 2018
    Learn how to sing in only 30 days with these easy fun video lessons 30daysinger a 8328 bfzaevmu dont say you love me fifth harmony lyrics ...
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    Fifth Harmony - Don't Say You Love Me

    18 May 2018
    dont say you love me by fifth harmony listen to fifth harmony fifthharmony lnk to listenyd watch more fifth harmony videos fifthharmony lnk to ...
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    I Said I'm Ok But I Can't Fake It😢😢😢

    17 May 2019
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    Fifth Harmony - Don't Say You Love Me Lyrics / Lyrics

    19 May 2018
    Fifth harmony dont say you love me lyrics lyrics video http smarturl it fifthharmonya fifth harmony fifthharmony twitter fifthharmony fac...
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    Darlyn - Can't Fake It Lyric

    28 February 2020
    Album out 28 02 2020 tourdates http linktr ee darlynmusic follow us at http darlynmusic instagram deardarlyn facebook darlynmusic twitter...
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    I'd Like To Say I'm Okay But I'm Not.

    08 August 2017
    lesen erspart fragen in hd schauen f r bessere qualit t beachtet diese grauenvolle qualit t mancher bilder einfach nicht ...
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    I Say Am Ok But I Can’t Fake It

    10 April 2020
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    I Need A Little Bit More - Fifth Harmony | Leah Dustin

    10 December 2018
    Dancer and choreography by leah dustin leahdustin weebly ...
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    Free - I'm Not Okay

    12 March 2017
    I dont own anything but the editing watch my new video watch v oy npoc15xq voice clickfortaz music you are a memory by message to bears...
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Top Comments On I Say Am Okay But I Can't Fake Audio

    a girl: This is exactly how I feel 😭😭😭....its just so hard... 😭😭😭

    Spandan Bhattarai: Literally overnight I was sad and depressed and now why I can't say I usually connect with thus type of poem but but now even though I know I still relate to this poem I feel nothing NOTHING I wanna cry tears aren't coming I wanna feel n I think my heart stopped loving i-i wanna be happy but i-I feel empty I wanna feel sad but again nothing

    cody Peek: I feel like that rn
    My depression is telling me to kms
    But my anxiety is scared of death.
    My voices want me to die to make them happy. If I say no they make me feel pain.

    princess anthony: its that time of the year again. depression really does never goes away. i was fine a few days ago. but here I am. letting it happen again.

    ObjectedWinter: There's a sad fact that a few people who have watched this have committed suicide since March 12th, 2017 to date.

    Tamirez Natividade: Everyone was born with an empty space inside and only Jesus can fill it
    Just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so much even if you don’t believe it and He died for our sins so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but live eternally with Him. You’d be losing more in not trying Jesus than trying and see what He is about

    Devin Ey: Thank you for breaking down. It means more than you know

    yamaitropvrl: I wish we could hug each other for a long time until somehow, we feel like we've gotten our selves together. Every word you've said resonated so deeply. I feel you way way too deeply. I hope we'll be okay in time. Sending you virtual warm hugs! ♥️♥️♥️

    bob hamzaabu: I feel so bad, but I don´t want to make my parents worry(

    Raja Nor Amnin: people:"are u okay?"
    me:"I'm totally fine😊"
    also me:🤥lying all the time

    Larry Jackson: Yes because you smile but it be hide that smile the hurt you don't mean by it but kills me know they have any thing to do with me now they blocked me out their world and that whot hurt the most no they are my true love popple help them trying to get them say I'm need help I don't need fuck hell I just wanted my love back now please if you see this you no they please tell them about this because I'm trying everything else you need to be true to me I still love you too

    Breanna Martin: I need help

    S M: what's the original audio from?

    Ashleigh Green: ‘cause nothing in my life has happened for me to be sad…like my life’s good’ why the hell am I sad I don’t get it

    K.B. Osborne: They ask "how are you?"...
    The same lie as always: "I'm fine"
    But no one ever asks "Are you sure?"
    They accept the lie and move on. And you want them to ask, although you know, your response would be a lie anyway

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