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    W 兩個世界i 더블유i Ost

    08 January 2017
    joyce li channel ucuddsbbfugpzbkkpnqi4sbq bgm channel ucpeblg0gs jzyimqnt txhq view as subscriber ...
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    Mv Park Bo Ram박보람 _ Please Say Something, Even Though It Is A Lie거짓말이라도 해줘요 W Ost Pt.2

    03 August 2016
    mv park bo ram please say something even though it is a lie w ost pt 2 artist park bo ram title ...
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    Basick, Inkii - In The Illusion Lyrics Easy Lyrics

    10 October 2016
    Artist basick inkii song in the illusion w two worlds ost credits for the song loen entertainment no copyright infringement intended ...
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    Mv Basick베이식, Inkii잉키 _ In The Illusion환상 속의 그대 W Ost Part.3

    06 April 2020
    mv basick inkii in the illusion w ost part 3 k pop wonderland 1thek k pop 1thek ...
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    Park Bo Ram 박보람 - Please Say Something, Even Though It Is A Lie W Ost Part 2 Sub Indo

    24 July 2019
    No copyright infringement intended i do not own the music and picture all rights reserved to the original owner this video for entertainment purposes only ...
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    Mv N엔 Vixx빅스 X Yeoeun여은 Melodyday멜로디데이 _ Without You니가 없는 난 W Ost Part.9

    07 September 2016
    mv n vixx x yeoeun melodyday without you w ost part 9 hello this is 1thek we are wor...
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    W-two Worlds Ost Jung Joon Young - Where Are U Lyrics Rom

    06 August 2016
    Do not reupload w two worlds ost korean drama jung joon young where are u lyrics part 1...
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    박보람, 'w더블유' Ost '거짓말이라도 해줘요' Mv 공개 이종석, 한효주 통통영상

    03 August 2016
    mbc w ost part2 3 1 ...
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    Mv W - Two Worlds더블유ost - Without You니가 없는 난

    09 August 2017
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    Mv Navi나비 _ Draw A Love사랑을 그려요 W Ost Part.8

    01 September 2016
    mv navi draw a love w ost part 8 english subtitles are now available d please click on cc button or activate interact...
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Top Comments On Lagu Ost W

    Sulakchana Dewan: This drama is something that is like you can't explain how you feel somewhat you're drowning in your own tears and happy in your own world where u don't know why did you exist .... Cause you can't get over it till now, I just want to keep living in fantasy when I know that it never existed✨💜

    Thy Vhope: Really love this song

    Andrea Cruz: A un no lo superó 🥺🥺🥺❤️🇲🇽

    Yen Araneta: Season 2 or another drama for them:(

    Kader Çelik: 2020??💜

    anisa zahrani: Yeon joo yg sabar yk

    baiduri cinta: I like your voice ..emm 2020 still cannot move on

    Dian Andini: 💝

    Black Pink: I love song

    종달새 ALONDRA: 🎶🎶🎶🎶

    Angel Mercado: 😭😭😭 full of sacrifices and true love...❤❤❤😘😘😘😍😍😍 Godbless u both and more project together love u 😘

    melaida sanantonio: Part 2 pls

    Littlebam Channal: I'm sad.😱😭😭😭

    Sophia Hirons: Love the song. Seem fit her feeling

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