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    Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food Or Trendy Scam?

    13 January 2019
    The first 1000 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of skillshare skl sh kurzgesagt5 organic food is a huge trend it promises a healthier...
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    8 Natural And Organic Fertilizers To Grow Big Plants

    20 July 2019
    Adding natural and organic fertilizers to your plants can be a challenger i am all about organic and natural gardening that is free of chemical products so i...
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    Start Organic Chemistry Basic To Advance For All Students

    07 October 2018
    Vikram hap chemistry 9644 56 2030 aap all video dekhna chahte ho to is video me btaya gya hai ...
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    How To Make Liquid Organic Fertilizer At Home

    23 March 2017
    How to make easy liquid organic fertilizer organic food for plant at home...
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    Originals By Africa's Best | Organics | South African Youtuber

    16 April 2019
    Wash day using products from originals organics by africas best i bought the products at clicks clickssa price list originals by africas best olive ...
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    Organic Kitchen Garden : How To Grow Organic Vegetables

    24 December 2019
    Kitchen gardening is the best way to get organic and fresh vegetables at home free from pesticides toxins and chemicals it doesnt require a big investment ...
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    How I Flush In My Organic Garden *not Like Bottle Nutes

    12 May 2019
    This channel posts every sunday i go over the flushing process of which i apply to my organic garden its not your typical bottle nutrient flushing process...
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    Organic Vs Conventional Produce - The Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 Explained

    27 October 2019
    Click skl sh flavcitywithbobbyparrish to get 2 months of skillshare for free here is a full review of the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables and which ones ...
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    Organic Food Items | Ntv Special Report | Part 1

    18 May 2015
    Ntv special report on organic food items part 1 watch ntv telugu news channel popular telugu news channel which also owns indias first womens channel vani...
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    Organic Chemistry - Basic Introduction

    29 December 2020
    This video provides a basic introduction for college students who are about to take the 1st semester of organic chemistry it covers topics such as polar and n...
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    dev lmm: the 20 dislikes are from teachers

    Matt Taylor: I wish I learned more at school I would have loved to have been a chemist

    Chivann: 17:20

    Nissi Rey: this video taught me more than my ochem professor has in the past two months...

    Mary-Kate Moran: you need to be a teacher. You helped me understand the “med killer”

    Christian Edwards: Hands down the BEST chemistry videos. Been using his videos since high school, still using them in University. Thanks so much!

    Sandaana Darun: This guy is a God .he should be worshipped

    علي نعيثل داخل عبدالله الصالحي F: كلش فهمت 🤦‍♂️

    Shukri Calculus: This teacher is absolutely good encough. Thank you

    hope spreader: im not here to study cuz i already finished my organic exams with the best grades becuz of this man , im here to thankkk uuuuuuu

    Micheal D: Thnks bro, helped me understood the most needed concepts.

    Le blackrosethorn3: my brain exploded with so much info but it is pretty digestible. thanks!

    AZARCON FAITH MARIZ: very good at teaching and I also learned to watch this video it is a great help for everyone and many also learn how to give solutions and techniquies for those who need it. thank you

    Ivy Nguyen: Very very very very very helpful. Super helpful.

    neggit: it's insane that Marky Walhberg is getting me trough chemistry in college
    shout to BASTAN

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