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    Notre Dame De Paris - Your Love Will Kill Me - Daniel Lavoie

    16 October 2017
    English version tu vas me detruire notre dame de paris london cast album cd daniel lavoie frollo...
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    Tu Vas Me Détruire English - Your Love Will Kill Me

    06 July 2007
    Again english dubbed video daniel lavoie i just have to say it i love this song lyrics i feel a wave of passion move through my heart with such pain...
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    Your Love Will Kill Me

    20 December 2006
    The english version of frollos tu vas me detruire from the french musical notre dame de paris to clips from disneys hunchback of notre dame the translation...
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    Your Love Will Kill Me Lyrics

    11 December 2012
    This is my first attempt at making a lyrics video it took forever and its not very creative or a very mon song but i thought it came out well for a first try...
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    Your Love Will Kill Me: The Phantom Of The Opera

    18 April 2008
    I was inspired a few months back when simona erikredrose used this song and just never got around to making it but ive finally finished it i hope you all l...
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    Your Love Will Kill Me- Captain James Hook/wendy Darling

    24 February 2010
    A video that explores the carnal emotions between captain james hook and wendy this sexual fascination bees less one sided as james is forced to watch wendy gr...
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    Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You Lyrics

    22 September 2012
    Queen too much love will kill you with lyrics...
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    Snape And Hermione: Your Love Will Kill Me

    23 March 2011
    I loved this song by daniel lavoie i own nothing made for pure enjoyment ...
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    Rey & Kylo - Your Love Will Kill Me

    10 March 2018
    Kylo rens secret passion copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act 1976 allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as c...
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    Your Love Will Kill Me - Scar & Sarabi

    30 July 2012
    Storyline scar always loved sarabi but she never loved him back she chose mufasa and for that reason scar kills his own brother but still in death sarabi re...
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Top Comments On Your Love Will Kill Me

    Alison Hutchinson: sweet romance

    Katherine Nienstedt: I feel so bad for scar . And did you know in real life darker colored lions like scar are more attractive

    Heath Ledger's Joker: You should do the 2019 version.

    Madison Calahan: I feel bad for scar

    Shank: This is so well put together! And poor scar

    The Coolest Lion: This feeling that Scar tried to be with Sarabi in 2019 movie

    Diva ESCMolitva: This is sad and very accurate for live action version. Scar said he always respected Sarabi so maybe he loved her for real

    Nicohakuu1: Well this practically became canon in the live-action LK universe

    Heath Ledger's Joker: Do a live action version.

    Juan Carlos_29: Bienvenido a mi mundo Scar

    Bella the Troll Fan Artist: Scar x Sarabi

    Sasha Minimoore: Holy fuck I love this musical but I love it a lot more in French and russian

    Nightmelody777: Aww I feel bad for scar ;/

    LionKittyDinoRex [HIATUS]: 0:20-0:21 and 0:57- 0:58 is Sarabixmufasa as SimbaxNala are mating?

    *DOGGY DOGO*: No body likes sarabi like that but scar wtf 👅👎

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